Yegyibin Village

Yegyibin overlooks the S&K Project from the opposite side of the Yama Stream.

 About the Village of Yegyibin

yegyibin mapU Kyaw Moe is 43 years of age and been a member of the CSD Team for the past 3 years.

“ You cannot imagine what it means to have electricity. Not only do we have this long wished-for convenience, but we can now do our part in saving the environment by not cutting down trees to cook with anymore...”

He has watched his village continue to grow in size with the expansion of the village electricity projects by MYTCL, and even relocate some of its inhabitants to a new location due to the erosion of the river banks. There are approximately 779 persons living in both the New Yegyibin and Old Yegyibin villages. 77 persons are employed at Yang Tse, composing 9.88% of the village’s total population working within the mining organisation.

csr myanmar copper mine for yegyibin villageColourful preparations for a wedding take place in Yegybin for the whole village to enjoy.“ We all say that we are happy to do our part for our community and that it is our responsibility. But I truly take pride in watching my achievements with the Company turn into something wonderful. Each project comes to life by the end of each year, and each year our community changes its way of life for the better in ways outsiders from more modern countries cannot even imagine. Do you know how harmful it is to be cooking with wood every day? We have been slowly poisoning ourselves over the years while we try to feed our children. Something as simple and as useful as electricity changes all of that. It improves our lives. It improves our environment!”

  • There is 1 Primary School; the village supports electricity that has been donated in 2014 by MYTCL and MEHL, as well an expansion project for electricity engaged in the 2015 budget; there are tube wells for water as well as direct access to the Yama Stream for water resources.
  • The village manages 1 Monastery named Yaypote.
  • The Head Monk of this village is U Thilarnanda.
  • The elected Village Administrator is U Saw Shwe.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Yegyibin is primarily a farming community, although with 10% of the population engaged in directly working for the mine, it can be assumed that this is a significant figure in regards to gross family income. The average salary at MYTCL is above 250 USD/month, and as 53 of the 78 employed are Contract Employees this also identifies that the village is dependent on MYTCL for financial stability. Fields can now be seen ploughed by machines in place of oxen and carts, and the early signs of industrialisation are taking place within the region surrounding the MYTCL Project.


yegyibin 2 tOne of the key CSR Projects from 2015-17 was Electricity for the village.Community & Social Development

For 2015-16 fiscal year, the annual budget that was allocated to the CSD & CSR Program (Community & Social Development) for the Yegyibin Village totalled $19,419.60 USD. Coordinating with the CSD Member from the village, as well as with the Ministry of Mines, the Regional Ministry and the Chief Minister of Sagaing Region, the projects for Yegyibin were agreed upon and unanimously approved by MYTCL and MEHL, who would split the cost of the CSD & CSR annual budget of $500,000 USD.

In 2016-17 the budget for the Yegyibin Villages, new and old, increased to $36,500 USD to include a new bridge construction and a Primary School construction to include toilet facilities.

In order to go beyond the Community & Social Development of the projects, CSR took precedence and the works required were tendered out to the community, providing prospects for direct communities to complete their own projects to enhance sustainable development through local companies, and even newly established companies that emerged due to the opportunities created by MYTCL and the CSD & CSR projects.