Wadan Village

Wadan Village is found opposite to Mine Town that was built in 1994 for the S&K Project.

wadan map - corporate social responsibilityAbout the Village of Wadan

  Daw Nan Aye Thidar Sin is 30 years of age and the elected CSD Team Representative for the Wadan Village.

“ It is my duty to work with MYTCL to accomplish the greatest of needs for our village....”

These are very successful times for Wadan, which is located adjacent to the S&K Mine Project. Villagers are high on the list of priority to receive job opportunities, promotions from within the organisation, as well as CSD and CSR Projects to help improve the community’s quality of life.

wadan village - csr projectsAung Thaedi Saydi Monastery of WadanThere are many fertile lands in the village tract; however Daw Nan Aye Thidar Sin reports that their earnings are less and less every year.

The World Bank has indicated that the economic growth in Myanmar remains strong, however inflation is critically impacting the costs of goods and services in many regions.

“ People are constantly looking towards MYTCL for better paying jobs and salaries to support their families in these changing times. Monywa area is growing and everything is becoming more expensive in Myanmar. As a CSD Team member I will constantly look for new jobs or other opportunities for my village people. I also need to collect the advice from my village for the CSR donations, and help MYTCL decide which is the most important for everyone. My position is often a happy experience, but I sometimes have great pressures from the villagers. Everyone wants something different. It is my duty to work with MYTCL to accomplish the greatest of needs for our village, and to make the communications smooth and successful every day.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

01t wadan village myanmar mytclYoung Students of Wadan Village Primary School. Wadan Village is neighbouring to the Mine Town that was built by the Ministry of Mines in the early 1990’s. This village has always been side-by-side the mine and its activities, supporting MYTCL in its endeavours. Over the years it has become almost a part of the mining community itself. CSR for this village includes future planning for employment beyond the closure of the mining activities. The Community & Social Development Team is currently in discussions with many of the villages, including Wadan, regarding SME Projects and long-term sustainable programs. As there is a great percentage of this village community engaged in activities both directly and indirectly associated with the mine, there will remain a need for sustainable changes regarding employment once the mine has completed its activities.

In 2014, and into the beginnings of 2015, a significant portion of the progressive Mine Closure Program was completed along the southern boundaries of the S&K Project, just across the main road from Wadan. A 10-metre high bund and a 4-metre deep drain were established for management of fresh water coming into the site from Monkey Mountain to the south-west. During the Monsoon seasons this water is captured in this drain and directed off-site so as to remain fresh and come into no contact with mining activities. The berm (or mound of earth) constructed along the 3-kms boundary was planted with fast growing Blue-gum Eucalypts, native species of Acacia, and seasonal grasses to provide a visual barrier between the village and roadways, and of the mining within. As one travels by the site it is easy to pass it altogether unnoticed because of this aggressive closure methodology. The fence-line was pulled into the lease boundary by 4-metres in order to provide space for environmental action outside of the fence, and still remain within the lease area. Trees were also planted within this external area to enhance the natural surroundings of the site. In time the trees will grow to 10-metres and the ecosystem will re-establish within this arena of greenery, creating a completely rehabilitated wall around the site.

Community & Social Development

In 2015-16 the budget for the Wadan Village was increased from previous years to $27,798.78 USD. This significant increase includes construction of a Library, construction modifications and finishing touches to the Primary School, as well as a large project of extending the village fresh-water dam.

For the 2016-17 year the village and its administration have requested a $68,563.00 USD project that will extend their water reservoir capacity with a new tower, pumps and water pipelines.