Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited ( MYTCL) understands the true value of professional development, culture, innovation and creativity, and also recognises the value of continuously educating our employee base. Our organisation acknowledges that by providing individual development that we will be better positioned to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of today’s work environment. Incorporating professional development within the overall corporate strategy for the copper industry is the challenge we offer all of our employees. Most leaders would agree there is a requirement and benefit to developing their employees. Yet this benefit may be hard to quantify; when a company is looking to cut costs, professional development could all too easily become the casualty. Given the economic environment of the past half-decade in particular, we have seen a dramatic decline in organisational employee development investiture. However, if we hope to promote a culture of innovation and creativity, MYTCL needs to look differently at our investment in employee development.

MYTCL has, in fact, integrated professional development into our business model. We promote this philosophy: We are always experimenting and constantly learning. We have a healthy disregard for the impossible and ‘the way things are always done’. We also consider the cost of NOT developing our people.

Long-term individual development is still the responsibility of the potential employee. But we at MYTCL believe that once the individual has been hired, professional development becomes the responsibility of our organisation. Although the employee was hired with a certain set of knowledge, skills and abilities, if the roles and responsibilities of the position change, and they will, MYTCL maintains a ‘corporate social responsibility’ to invest in our human capital. Employees are investing in MYTCL by working longer hours, by handling evolving tasks and assuming increased responsibilities. So we practice building on Human Capital as an investment for both our company, as well as for the future of our employees.

This year you will find the issues of retention, engagement, and ‘attraction of talent’ to be top on our priority list. We have found that the top two people issues facing MYTCL are leadership and retention. These are the problems we face in the dynamic, growing national economy of Myanmar. While there will still be high levels of unemployment in our surrounding villages and regions, generally people have changed their perspectives. They want work which is meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable. Top performers will seek out career growth. Mid-level staff will strive for leadership development. And MYTCL, as an HR organisation, commits to compete, adapt, and innovate to stay ahead.