Shwepankhine & Thaedawgyi Villages

 Located on the peaceful north-western tip of the S&K Project.

About the Villages of Shwepankhine and Thaedawgyi

shwepankhine and thaedawgyi villages in myanmarA typical kitchen in Shwepankhine Village. Shwepankhine is a smaller village that is considered an indirect impact village due to the location and the distance from the mining activities. Protected by the western mountain range of Hninsitaung, Kyadwintaung and Taungkamauk Mountains (Rose, Tiger and Rice Hat Mountains), Shwepankhine is a village indulging in the peaceful life of tranquil farming and animal husbandry. With 583 inhabitants of the village there are 7.89%, or 46 of them employed at MYTCL.

U Tint Zaw Naing is 32 years of age, a father of 4 children and has been a major contributing participant in the 2015-2017 2-year CSR/CSD projects.

“ I am so proud that I was able to be a part of the bridge construction for my village. Before MYTCL completed this incredible bridge it used to take more than 1-hour for villagers to travel to Monywa during the monsoon seasons. Sometimes during heavy rains we could not pass!”

shwepankhine thaedawgyi map“ U Zay Htay is our Village Administrator, and his hope for the future with MYTCL is that they hire more of the people from Shwepankhine. This will help the villagers, and I also believe that it will give them the opportunity to get closer to the project and understand better what it is that MYTCL is doing in areas such as the environment.”

Thaedawgyi is even smaller of a village and quite often these 2 villages are combined in the CSR and CSD Projects from MYTCL. There are approximately 304 villagers and 11 of them are employed by the Company, comprising a 3.62% of the entire population.

Daw Moh Moh Lwin is an enthusiastic 28 years old and has been on the CSD Team for 3 years.

“ I look at what we need most in my community. I share with my Administrator, U San Naing, the procedures that MYTCL follows to provide fair charity and CSR works for the villages. For us, electricity and SME possibilities are the most urgent tasks I am pursuing with the Company in the 2017 onwards budgets. I know that the CSR focus is balanced, and that MYTCL works with us to make sure that everyone is as happy as possible.”

 thaedawgyi village csr projectCSR works reinforce and rebuild historic shrines in Thaedawgyi.Corporate Social Responsibility

Due to the location of these villages, they are fortunate to be adjacent to an area that has been considered for ecological preservation and restoration development as part of the long-term CSR goals of MYTCL. The area of the 3 mountains is called the Twin Peaks Wildlife and Conservation Zone, and has been kept aside from being impacted by mining activities.

CSR activities include $40,795.36 for the completion of the Shwepankhine Bridge and $4,686 USD of repairs to the Shwepankhine Dam. $18,966 was dedicated to Thaedawgyi for the construction of an E-Library building fully stocked with computers and accessories.