Sei Htandawgyi Village

Situated on the northern banks of the Yama Stream and toward Monywa.

 htandawgyi mapAbout Sei Htandawgyi Village

Of all the villages that fall within the radius of the CSR and CSD Projects for MYTCL, this village has the second greatest number of people not affiliated with the site. 3,300 live in this village, and a mere few 51 persons are hired within the mine, or 1.55% of the village population.

“ I think the most important project we have received from MYTCL is the addition of the Mobile Medical Team services programme for our village.”

U Moe Min Tun is the newest of all the CSD Members as Sei Htandawgyi was recently added to have a specially allocated CSD Membership. Now only with the CSD Team for just over 5 months he explains:

htandawgyi village csr project myanmar copper mineReviewing the Mine Closure of the sabetaung Waste Dump from Sei Htandawgyi.

“ I am a farmer and also the chairman of the Medical Assistance Association. I understand the hazards of not only village life, but of farm life. To me the CSR/CSD Projects are all valuable, but the most important is certainly the health of every one of our families.”




  • There is 1 High School, a tube well as well as river water resources.
  • This village is quite separated from the mining community and is more engaged in the Monywa activities of the growing city. Farming and logging are identifiable professions for most of the villagers, and few have the desire to work within the mine.
  • The name of the Monastery is: Thukhawadi.
  • The Head Monk is: U Thumana.
  • The elected Village Administrator is U Aung Kyaw Myo.


Corporate Social Responsibility

In the 2016-17 budgets Sei Htandawgyi requested that MYTCL spend 27% of the annual budget on their village alone by building a very large and complex school building. Initially there was some debate regarding the project, and a replacement was suggested at a much more reasonable budget to fit within the annual $500,000 donated CSR/CSD Projects by MYTCL and MEHL. However, the request remained strong and the requirement enforced by government authorities for MYTCL and MEHL to comply, so it will be researched into the coming years’ budgets for completion.

htandawgyi village mytclA Chain link SME is an independent project in the Sei Htandawgyi Village. “ In my village we understand the budget limits for MYTCL, and that we have asked for a very large project with the school 2-level construction. But we hope that MYTCL can manage this budget as we are a very large village and are in great need of new school facilities that have not yet been provided by the government.”

Community & Social Development

The 2015-16 CSR/CSD Project for this village was a $25,000 USD extension to the existing electricity grid that is established within the village areas. Due to the fact that this village is what is considered a second priority or Indirectly Impacted Village with 55.67 acres being utilised in the operations for the S&K Project, and such a large budget being used in the previous year, the 2016-17 budget excluded this village.
For the 2017-18 budgets a 2-storey school building has been requested for the fiscal year that is roughly estimated at approximately $135,000 USD for completion.