MYTCL recognises that good corporate governance is fundamental to being a sustainable business. Our corporate governance is the system by which the company is directed and managed.

Our corporate governance can be defined as the control systems by which our company is directed and managed. It is a clear framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes, fairness, and transparency in MYTCL’s relationship with all stakeholders (financiers, customers, management, employees, government, and the community), which reinforce MYTCL’s long established values and behaviours and the way we do business. It also defines the internal framework, which the MYTCL board of directors is accountable to stakeholders for the operations, performance and growth of the company, and how the risks of our mining business are identified and managed.
The directors of MYTCL are committed to ensuring that our company maintains an effective system of corporate governance and that good corporate governance is an integral part of the culture and business practices of MYTCL.

Endorsing our Values
MYTCL’s values reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability. They have been developed to ensure that we visibly act as a responsible corporate citizen for the benefit of all of stakeholders.
Safety – We take care of our safety, health and wellness by recognising, assessing and managing risk, and choosing safer behaviours at work and home to reach our goal of zero harm.
Integrity – We behave ethically and respect each other and the customs, cultures and laws wherever we operate.
Sustainability – We serve as a catalyst for local economic development through transparent and respectful stakeholder engagement, and as responsible stewards of the environment.
Responsibility – We deliver on our commitments, demonstrate leadership, and have the courage to speak up and challenge the status quo.
Inclusion – We create an inclusive environment where employees have the opportunity to contribute, develop and work together to deliver our strategy.

At MYTCL we transform mineral resources into shared value for our internal and external stakeholders.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
The MYTCL board has endorsed a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that formalises the longstanding obligation of all MYTCL individuals, including management, to behave ethically, act within the law, avoid conflicts of interest and act honestly in all business activities. MYTCL’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics reinforces the company’s commitment to giving proper regard to the interests of people and organisations dealing with the company. Each MYTCL person is required to respect and abide by the company’s obligations to employees, stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.
In addition, the board has adopted specific policies in key areas, including trade practices; safety, health and the environment; fairness, respect and diversity in employment; capital investment; dealing with price sensitive and other confidential information; privacy and indemnification of employees.

International Continuity Risk Management
Continuity Risk Management is the conscience of our Company, devoted to ensuring that products and services continue to flow and that Trust and Brand Equity are protected. We believe that we are fully prepared to manage the varied risks associated with our mining organisation within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar because we fully understand their extent. This means that we are capable of calculating, adapting, analysing, deciding, acting and communicating every day and at unexpected times of crisis.
MYTCL’s Business Continuity Planning (BCP) involves defining potential risks, determining how those risks will affect operations, implementing safeguards and procedures designed to mitigate those risks, testing those procedures to ensure that they work, and periodically reviewing the process to make sure that it is up to date.

“ risk management contributes to the creation of sustainable value ”

MYTCL has a sound system of risk oversight management and internal control based on the international standards outlined in the ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework. This ISO standard integrates all of MYTCL’s 3rd party certifications following a deliberate and clear methodology of evaluating and observing performance. MYTCL has in place limits and a range of policies and procedures to monitor the risk in its activities and these are quarterly reviewed by an internal audit committee, as well as bi-annually during internationally completed SGS audits. MYTCL’s Risk Management Policy also sets out the framework for risk management, internal compliance and control systems.

Governance and risk management is sponsored by the board, and is a top priority for senior managers, initiated through policy creation determined by the Managing Director.