“When one pulls at a single thing in nature, he finds that it is attached to the rest of the world.”                               

Naturalist & Preservationist - John Muir

All human activities have an impact on the environment, however without a life-sustaining environment all other activities cease to exist. It is because of this realisation that the mining industry has experienced exponential growth over the past decades in regards to accountability, and key words such as corporate social responsibility; environmental reclamation; community development; mine closure; and most importantly ‘sustainability’ have become an important part of the mining industry’s vocabulary.

The 21st Century, it would seem, has become the era of creating a platform for future sustainability.

Our public documents that are published annually, such as 'Building Lifelong Value' and 'Verifying the Balance' amplify our evolving corporate mottos. These reflect the sustainable development that we at MYTCL pursue each and every day of our operations, and at all levels. The Sustainability Report structure we are continually developing has added value through measured parameters, in order to verify the vision we have set out as our mandate to maintain, control, and evaluate the impacts our mining activities have on the physical and socioeconomic environments of our region.

Our progressive business model at MYTCL is designed to be evolving, flexible and compelled to be inspired by emergent technologies that are becoming available which stimulate preservation and reduce the carbon footprint of the legacy mining activities of the S&K Project. As the global community changes its course and enters into an era of long-term planning, and focuses on changing one behaviour at a time internationally to meet the criteria of sustainability in all arenas of the mining industry, our focus and attention at MYTCL is also prioritised towards improving sustainable continuity.

As we move forward into 2020 we emerge from the past year as a company that exercises it’s ‘Open Door Policy’ and continues to engage our communities with transparency, building bilateral commitments to sustainable development, while including key elements of environmental responsibility, social equity, economic health, and cultural vitality. The steps we take forward will be in unison with the international growth in this age of sustainability, and we will sustain our goals of a zero-incident strategy in regards to the community, the environment and our employees. We will continue to build lifelong values to live by today, and we will verify the balance of our sustainable achievements through your voice for the tomorrows to come.