Myayake & Myasane Villages

The distant villages of Myayake and Myasane are found to the northwest of the S&K Project.

myayake myasane map

About the Villages of Myayake and Myasane

Considered to be non-impacted villages due to the distance of their locations to the mine, as well as the few land-owners of 21.65 acres that had been displaced during the initial operations in 1996, these villages host no direct CSD members. There are approximately 1,266 persons living in the village of Myayake, and 195 inhabitants within Myasane. Only 45 persons are employed at MYTCL from Myayake, or 3.55% of the total populace and another 12 from Myasane, composing 6.25% of their population.

myayake and myasane villages at myanmar copper mineVillage shops provide all the necessities for village life in Myayake.

  • There is 1 Primary School in Myayake and no school within Myasane; both of these villages support electricity that was provided by MYTCL in the 2014-15 budgets and there are tube wells for water in both villages.
  • The villages share 1 Monastery named Myayake Taungpaw.
  • The Head Monk of this village is U Karunya.
  • The elected Village Administrator of Myasane is U Ngwe, and of Myayake is U Kan Kyi.
  • There are no CSD members for these villages and are in turn managed by the Tract Village Administrator of Yegyibin regarding CSR and CSD participation.


Corporate Social Responsibility

t 7 myayake02 2Preparing the harvest for the day in Myayake

Although these 2 villages are quite far from the project, they are considered by MYTCL for CSD and CSR programs due to previous land acquisitions from within the mine lease domain. When the mine began to expand there was a radius determined, which encompassed these villages to be included into the MYTCL projects. Electricity was the primary need for these villagers and MYTCL completed their request in late 2015. Mobile Medical units are also sent out to these village areas to include the Myayake and Myasane people into the Mobile Medical Treatment Programs, which budgets $50,000 USD annually for the programs. Additional agendas that these villages are included in are the donations to the elderly, as well as the scholarship programs for all students within the villages.


Community & Social Development

For 2016-17 fiscal years, the annual budget that was allocated to the CSD & CSR Program for the Myayake Village was $8,250.00 USD for the purchase of an Ambulance vehicle.

For Myasane the Village Administrator requested that a fence be constructed for the Primary School and electricity extensions added totalling $5,3381.24 USD.