Mining the Sabetaung & Kyisintaung Project

The Sabetaung and Kyisintaung (S&K) mine is an open-cut copper ore mine of 3 primary deposits that are located in the Monywa District of Sagaing Division in Myanmar. Established early in the 20th Century, west of the Chindwin River, the mine-site is approximately 40-minutes by road from Monywa and within a populated area of nearly 500,000 people. This semi-arid expanse offers about 700mm of annual rainfall, and finds the landscape visually stunning with its shrub covered rolling hills and Toddy Palm trees dotting the landscape.

This is a legacy mining area that began in the early 17th century with artisanal mining of the region. In the 1950’s the S&K deposits began to be explored on a much larger scale and have developed into a mining enterprise today. The S&K mine has also evolved into a mining municipality working side by side a bountiful agricultural community.

The Sabetaung Pits produced 121.8 million tons of copper ore and waste before reaching completion in 2014. Many international companies have been involved in the development of this mine under several eras of ownership. In 2016 the Southwest Nonferrous Kunming Exploration Surveying and Design Institute Inc. completed the final ore body confirmation for the Kyisintaung Pit Optimisation. This extensive development drilling was followed up with a mine plan expansion that would extend the life of the Kyisintaung Mine approximately another 10 additional years beyond the original estimates. Further studies are being sourced by MYTCL to extract the ore reserves even further using modern resource excavation technologies. Others such as Knight Piésold Pty Limited, Coffee Partners International Pty Ltd., The World Bank, Westec (Welsh Engineering Science & Technology, Inc.), Haskoning (Royal Dutch Consulting Engineers and Architects), and Golder Associates, Ivanhoe, China Nerin Engineering Co., Ltd. and the Institute of Process Engineering (Chinese Academy of Sciences IPE-CAS) are some of the more prominent world-class names that have been involved in the consultation and operations of the S&K Project.

Today the S&K Mine is operated by Wanbao Mining Limited with the name of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited – MYTCL. Joining hands with mining businesses from China and abroad, based on the principles of international cooperation and mutual benefit, Wanbao Mining is developing high-quality mineral resources from around the world utilising professional expertise and managing with international diligence.

Our Sustainability Objectives
Since its inception, MYTCL has embraced principles of sustainable development in all aspects of our business, in each of the jurisdictions in which we conducts activities. The guiding principle of sustainable development is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In support of our objectives in this area, MYTCL has committed to providing the necessary human and financial resources to do the following:

• Exercise vigilance in all phases of the mining process so as to protect life, health and the environment, and seek ways to minimise our environmental footprint within acceptable cost. We will meet, and where possible exceed, regulatory requirements in our environmental performance.
• Design, construct, operate and close facilities that are based on the efficient and economic use of energy and materials and the protection of the environment, and that comply with applicable laws and international guidelines. Reclamation and remediation objectives will be factored into decision making through all phases of the mine life cycle.
• Provide the necessary training, equipment and systems to our employees and contractors in order to facilitate their commitment and accountability to the MYTCL Sustainability Policy, and enhance their capabilities in its implementation, including through the use of integrated systems to manage environmental and sustainability risks.
• Use the best technologies to continuously improve the safe, efficient use of resources, processes and materials.
• Define strategies for facilitating meaningful engagement with the host community in a spirit of honesty, accountability, integrity and legality.
• Work to understand the priorities and cultures of the communities in which we conduct our operations so as to effectively support appropriate community development programs that provide benefits lasting beyond the operating life of our mines.
• Seek to maximise employment, business and economic opportunities for local communities from our existing operations and new projects. Emphasise employment opportunities for the local workforce by the provision of education and training consistent with the needs of the Company. Purchase from local communities where quality and technical factors permit.
• Conduct all of our activities in accordance with accepted standards in the protection and promotion of human rights, respecting the culture, customs and values of the Company’s host communities.
• Conduct periodic monitoring and audits to ensure compliance with the MYTCL Sustainability Policy, as well as all relevant legislation, guidelines and standards, and to produce an annual report.
• Regularly prepare, review and update site specific environmental and sustainability plans including consultation with local communities and regulators, specifically including an assessment of potential risks.

MYTCL continually refines these sustainability objectives based on (i) an ongoing assessment of industry best practices; (ii) feedback from our stakeholders; and (iii) relevant laws and policies of government and non-government organisation research.
Reporting on sustainability performance is intended to produce improved outcomes because it allows our organisation to measure, track, and thereby improve our performance on economic, environmental, social and governance issues. Over the past year, we have worked toward a consolidation of the Company’s various policies and practices in these areas into a single, principled, comprehensive sustainability framework. This framework is comprised of four areas of focus:

A. Our People;
B. Community and Stakeholder Engagement;
C. Environment;
D. Our Values and Governance.

The future trend will be to establish a Sustainability Committee led by the Environment & Operational Development Manager, and together with the Safety & Environment Department to continue to report on sustainability and our corporate objectives. This new focus will be to develop and implement a Sustainability Framework and to manage the corporate responsibility for monitoring the Company’s overall performance in these areas. The site level implementation of these policies will be overseen by management at each location where we conduct our activities.