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in Myanmar's Copper Industry


 in Myanmar's Copper Industry

Building Lifelong Values
MYTCL provides a powerful catalyst for economic and social development, creating infrastructure and access to healthcare, education and other essential services while strengthening indigenous human capacity for sustainability.

Building Lifelong Values has become our key phrase that describes how we are working to address the challenges of society now, and into the future, by implementing leadership through sustainability strategies. Managing a detailed analysis of issues and risks, we have selected the highest priority sustainability topics to develop and report on. These priorities include protecting natural capital through environmental performance and resource efficiency, aggressively pursuing innovations that enable MYTCL to operate in a more sustainable manner, as well as investing in community and corporate social responsibilities that produce both economic value and sustainability improvements across several dimensions.

We live in the most complex, interdependent and interconnected era in human history – a reality we know as the hyper-connected world. This reality presents a new leadership context, shaped by adaptive challenges as well as transformational opportunities. Yet efforts to rebuild confidence and restore growth remain vulnerable to looming political and economic shocks. Indeed, there is no “risk-off” setting for the global economy, but leaders from the Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited have adopted a “risk-on” mindset to catalyse dynamic internal growth. With this is generated similar dyanamic risk, and this challenge requires MYTCL to become a successful organisation through the demonstration of strategic agility and to enhance risk resilience.

Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited of Wanbao Mining Ltd. has been integrated into cooperation relationships with a variety of well-established domestic and international mining enterprises, design institutes and scientific research institutes, developing mineral resources in allegiances with them. Wanbao Mining views assets as a link and seeks to operate overseas mining projects with these alliances by means of mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and swap of assets in order to increase the company’s business scale and fortify its competitiveness and risk management.

Our commitment at MYTCL is to continuously create more sustainable business processes and more value for our Stakeholders. Our history reminds us that future generations are perhaps our most important Stakeholder. Following the future direction of international mining standards and global awareness, we have developed what is titled as "The Sustainability Report", carefully made to deliver a representation of the international standards of the GRI, Global Reporting Initiative, which is used world-wide and published annually by companies willing to voluntarily show their transparency of activities. At MYTCL, we view our goal of achieving sustainable development as it is highlighted in definition by the World Commission on Environment and Development:

“ meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ”

You will see that we are moving forward in many areas, but we still have much to do. We continue to emphasise a strong foundation in business ethics, personal values, performance and accountability that are essential to the growth of our business. We are more transparent about our processes and our results against stated goals. We are trending towards utilising the most up-to-date reporting protocols and practices to improve our communication to our Stakeholders.

Sustainability at MYTCL is not just about technical innovation and the environmental performance of our operations. It is a reflection of our actions every day at our work, in our communities and in our lives. It is about finding better ways to do everything required of us as a business. It is a journey of change; of business and personal growth, and of finding new opportunities to impact society’s needs through our community and social development programs.

As we move forward, it will be our constant endeavour to heed to concerns and to learn from our peers, measure our progress, and make ourselves transparent in our performance and accountable to our Stakeholders through the use of The Sustainability Report and its content. We strive to sustain leadership within the industry, and it is our global obligation to achive success without comprimising the future needs of the people within the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.