Local Employment & Training

From the years of 2011 through until 2017 there was a minority of Expatriate consultants and management-level advisors on site.

Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited has preserved leadership and production value during a transitional period of moving from an organisation where only foreign Expatriates and a handful of specialised skilled Myanmar Nationals governed the management team of the S&K Project. From the years of 2011 through until 2020 there was a minority of Expatriate consultants and management-level advisors on site. At one point during the acquisition period there were a mere 3 Expats. This poignant statistic identifies the level of expertise acquired by the Myanmar Nationals during the previous leadership, and that their movement into commanding the company would be more than a success.

Although the Foreign Investment Law (FIL) drafted in 2012 clearly outlined the unconditional relationship of foreign workers to those of national employees, MYTCL chose to manage its production and cross-over of the ownership utilising national employees as the majority of personnel to lead the new company. With more than 2,300 employees registered within the organisation in 201, there endured a more than 99% status of Myanmar workers comprising the company’s core labour.


24. The investor shall:

(a) in appointing skilled citizen workers, technicians and staff for skilled jobs, citizens shall have been appointed at least 25 percent within the first two‐year, at least 50 percent within the second two‐year and at least 75 percent within the third two‐year from the year of commencement of the business. Provided that the Commission may increase the suitable time limit for the business based on knowledge;

(b) to be able to appoint under sub‐section (a), arrange to provide practicing and training to citizen staff for improvement of the working skills;

(c) appoint only citizens for the works which do not require skills;

(d) carry out the recruitment of workers from the Labour Exchange Office or local labour exchange agencies or by the arrangement of the investor;

(e) appoint skilled citizen workers, technicians and staff by signing an employment agreement between employer and workers in accord with the existing labour laws and rules;

(f) administer the rights of causing not to differ the level of wages in appointing the Myanmar citizen staff like the foreign staff as the allocation of expert level.

As can be deduced from the law stated above, there is clear indication that MYTCL has benefitted the locally available labour force to maximum capacity, and far beyond the legal requirements.

Moving into 2020 and onwards, there will be an increase in the Expat influence in order to train, facilitate new skills and to enhance the level of educational leadership already in place within the Myanmar Copper organisation. In doing so, the sister project of Letpadaung will also prosper by gaining experienced labour from the S&K apprentices in training from its operating facility.

Both foreign and local employees will work side by side in developing the skills for national recruits required to maintain 2 sizable projects, which will in turn produce the cathode copper of LME standards, economically creating growth and stability for the Sagaing Region of Myanmar.