Kyaukmyet Village

The hustle and bustle of the Kyaukmyet Village is inspired by the Chindwin River.

About the Kyaukmyet Villagekyaukmyet map

Situated just below the confluence of the Yama Stream and the Chindwin River, this village is spread along the shores of the river’s banks to take full advantage of the opportunities of a waterway community. Logging, dredging for valued sand or river-stone and precious metals such as gold and platinum are common livelihoods of the community. Concrete and transport companies also use this village as a gateway for delivering supplies to the inner colonies of the region, bringing some commerce and trade. MYTCL also takes the opportunity of managing its own supplies shipped from Yangon by barge through the village. 19.76 acres have been incorporated into MYTCL facilities.
Built within the village, MYTCL has established a large jetty of concrete and steel, made to endure the vicious flooding of the Chindwin. Rising more than 10 metres above the average water level, the Monsoon rains raise the river’s crest to touch the base of the jetty platform. This is the time of year that barges and large equipment can be directly transported to the village that is located a mere 4 kms from the site.

myanmar yang tse copper project kyaukmyet villageHistorical Pagodas populate the banks of the Chindwin River with majesty. MYTCL and MWMCL both utilise a Pump Station that is situated within the compound of one of the monasteries located on the river. Over the years, the Monks from this monastery have become very good friends of the mine’s management, as trade for the use of land and water access have allowed the monastery to grow and improve its facilities. Several donations from both MYTCL and MWMCL have benefitted this small community on the whole, and although there is no CSD member, there are direct associations with the religious representatives of Kyaukmyet to act on the village’s behalf.

814 souls inhabit this river community, of which 19 (or 2.33%) of the village population are employed at MYTCL.

Most notably of this village is the array of pagodas and old ruins from ages long past. There are 4 monasteries that are not directly related to each other; three resting on the banks of the Chindwin, while the other is perched on the mountain top that watches over the gathering waterways north of the village.

  • The names of these Monasteries are: Yayawunn, Taungyin , Magyitawya and Taunggyar.
  • The Head Monks are respectably: U Thumana, U Sakaneda, U Zawtika and U Otetama.
  • The elected Village Administrator is U Lin Aung.
  • There is 1 Primary School, a tube well as well as river water resources.

kyaukmyet village at the myanmar copper mineFolding the famous Betel Leaf into mouth-sized pieces for sale.

CSR and CSD involvement does play an important role however, and in the coming years there will be more emphasis placed on the community development and CSR programs of MYTCL and MWMCL, as the impacts on this community may grow during the mine’s develop, and the access routes of this small village becomes more travelled to and from the river site.

The 2016-17 CSR/CSD budgets included a $15,000 USD Fire Truck vehicle for the residents of the village to manage any emergency fire situations.