Htannaunggon & Ayegone Villages

Far to the east and the Chindwin River persist these tiny villages.

htannaunggon ayegone map

 About the Village of Htanaunngon

There are approximately 828 persons living in this village that is self-sufficient and has the greater part of its inhabitants working in areas outside of the MYTCL copper mine. 4 persons are employed at Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited, composing 0.48% of the village’s total population working as occupational miners or in areas related.


htannaunggon ayegone mytcl project myanmarNovice Monks enjoy the spring mornings to play in the sun.


  • There is 1 High School and the village maintains a tube-well for water.
  • The village manages 1 Monastery named Pyinnyapadaythar Parahita.
  • The Head Monk of this village is U Nandiya.
  • The Village Administrator is Daw Myint Maw.


An estimated 1.69 acres of land have been utilised in the operations of the S&K Project. Although this village is considered a non-impacted village it is still within the circumference of Philanthropic CSR works from the MYTCL project.

About the Village of Ayegone

This village is in the remote areas to the east of the S&K Project and has had no impact from the S&K Project or the Letpadaung Project. There are an estimated 533 inhabitants within the village with only 22 employed by MYTCL: 4.13% of the village populace in total. One remarkable feature of this area is that there are a great number of orphans found in the area, which is run by Buddhist Nuns.



htannaunggon ayegone copper mine myanmarTaking a break from the daily chores is also a community passtime.


  • There is 1 Primary School.
  • The village manages 1 Monastery named Sabu Wadi.
  • The Head Monk of this village is U Kaung Han.
  • The Village Administrator is U Ahga.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Until recently, these 2 villages have not been directly engaged by the mine, although independently both Myanmar Nationals and Expats working in the mines have donated to these villages over the decades. In 2015 it was decided that these villages should be considered for CSR Projects, as they most certainly will be impacted throughout time as the 2 projects expand and enhance the economic situations within the region.

Community & Social Development

Small projects were implemented in 2015-16 focused on building up the villages’ infrastructure such as road repair for $4,298.89. In the 2016-17 budgets a 150kva electricity transformer was added to Htanaunggon’s budget and a fence for the school was constructed for Ayegone. Moving forward the Mobile Medical Team will be considered for expansion and to include these 2 villages on the periphery of the project. Further economic resources and inclusion into future SME Projects of Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited will also become focal points for these distant villages.