The Beginnings...

Wanbao Mining was incorporated on October 27, 2004 with a registered capital of RMB 1.3 billion. As a Beijing-based specialised international mining company with many mining subsidiary entities overseas, its business scope ranges from exploration, mining, ore processing, smelting, trade of mineral products, investment and the operation of relevant industry.


MYTCL Integrates...

Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited - MYTCL, was established and the partnership with Myanmar Economics Holdings Ltd - MEHL, was fortified. MYTCL would participate in the development of the S&K Project as the Operator and sustain the pre-existing workforce of Myanmar employees as its core base for all areas of mine-related operations. At MYTCL we maintain a commitment to our employees to ensure a safe and rewarding workplace, and one which also encourages their personal development. This commitment has been reinforced with enhanced operational development management, and with our improvement process to drive our culture for our peop


Focus on People...

This year saw the greatest development of Human Resources since the conception of the S&K Project in the 1990's. Staff levels accelerated from approximately 556 employees to over 1,000. In 2015 this number would grow to optimal capacity of 2,200. Casual Labourers who had not had the opportunity of placement and advancement due to lack of positions within the company's organisational structure were included and job placements created, providing Contract status and including these long-term labourers within the benefit scales of employees.


CSR Emerges...

In recent years, concerns about sustainability and social responsibility have become an increasingly high profile issue in many countries and industries, none more so than the mining industry in Myanmar. Sustainable development in MYTCL’s corporate mining context defines a commitment to continuous environmental and socioeconomic improvement, from operations through to closure and post-closure management.


Commitment, Community & Culture...

Stakeholder engagement officially commenced on March 28, 2013 with a pilot project focused on the World Bank/ICMM/ESMAP Community Development Toolkit. The appointed 2014 CSD Team, comprised of elected leaders representing the directly impacted villages near the project, consulted over the year with the group the main problems and concerns facing the villages they represented. Throughout the 2014 year the CSD Team brought these issues to MYTCL management and village issues were systematically addressed in a timely manner with resolutions put in place that satisfied all parties when possible.


International Forward Thinking...

A progressive business model at MYTCL is designed to be evolving, flexible and compelled to be inspired by emergent technologies that are becoming available which stimulate preservation and reduce the carbon footprint of the legacy mining activities of the S&K Project. As the global community changes its course and enters into an era of long-term planning, and focuses on changing one behaviour at a time internationally to meet the criteria of sustainability in all arenas of the mining industry, our focus and attention at MYTCL is also prioritised towards improving sustainable continuity.


The Year of Validation...

We say what we do, and we do what we say.

As we move forward it remains our constant endeavour to address concerns from those living in harmony with our operations, and to learn from our interactions. Follow us as we expose how we offset the risks to our employees, to the communities and to the environments associated with our processes. Review with us how we measure our progress and our community’s consent in verifying the positive balance we actively pursue. Through the use of our Sustainability Report and its content we acknowledge our accountability to our Stakeholders, and alongside its transparency we ensure our compliance to international mining standards.


Community Engagement & Mine Development...

As this year unfolds, we have seen an emerging focus on the Public Relations and CSD Department and the interactions they manage with a variety of communities that have little, to no cohesive leadership. Contradicting NGOs influence a much divided region. A new government is challenged by this division. Foreign investors watch in wait to see if the Republic of the Union of Myanmar will open it's doors and minds to an economic insurgence, or if it will slowly climb back into the shelter of a previous simple life. All the while Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited moves forward, transparent and unrelentingly committed to making a difference in the lives of those within the communities nearby, and upon the face of this evolving nation.