Environmental Services

Ultimately the training of our employees is the key to our success at MYTCL. The viability of the mining industry is challenged because of high expectations for environmental protection, lower risk to human health, competing land use demands, and the value of the natural environment as recreational space, and as the repository of valuable biological assets, natural environmental services and aesthetic appeal.
Mining practice at MYTCL has evolved to reflect these concerns and regulatory requirements. We have introduced management policies and practices and have adopted technologies that allow mining to occur with minimum environmental harm. Our employees are trained in our environmental stewardship continually throughout their careers with us, and the improvements to MYTCL standards can be seen intensifying year after year.
Training includes the identification of the benefits of best/good practice, include preventing harmful environmental and social impacts, improved outcomes in the project expansion stages, lower risk of non-compliance, greater acceptance/less resistance from key stakeholders (in particular local communities and land owners), lower financial burdens in the mine closure and rehabilitation phases, and lower risk of significant liabilities post-closure.
We teach our MYTCL management levels to be environmentally responsible, and to always research international guidelines and look at new ways to minimise the impacts of our operations on the environment. Some of these include:

• Keeping the mining ‘footprint’ (the disturbed area) to a minimum;
• Ensuring the maximum extraction of the mineral from the smallest area;
• Minimising the risks of surface and groundwater pollution;
• Minimising the consumption of energy in the form of diesel, petrol and electricity used in mining and processing operations;
• Minimising emissions to atmosphere in the form of particulate (dust), exhaust fumes from vehicles and processing activities;
• Increasing employee training, including environmental, safety and health awareness;
• Investing in the local community infrastructure; and
• Through both concurrent and post-closure rehabilitation, returning the mining areas to positively useful and self-sustaining landforms.

The Safety and Environment Department is diligently working with local villages and their leadership to educate the people of our communities of the safety and environmental issues affiliated with MYTCL and the S&K Project, as well as how to make an environmental reduction of their own Carbon Footprint. The objective of this well-planned exercise is to make all of our neighbours aware of the care for the environment that we altogether must take, and that we at MYTCL are following internationally recognised and scientifically proven measures to reduce, reuse, rehabilitate and respect our environment. Every month a new village has been scheduled for a consultation from the QHSE Department. During this visit our QHSE teams will discuss current or past issues, and take the time to test well-water and complete healthcare check-ups on some of the inhabitants or new-born’s from each village, as well as listening to concerns and offering assistance or advice for solutions.