Dondaw Village

On the Laynyintaung Mountain lives the Spirit that watches over the mine site.

About the Village of Dondaw

dondaw mapDondaw is located directly on the lease boundary of the MYTCL S&K Project, and this village has had lands returned to them from the original lease areas of the S&K Project by the President in 2012. Due to this release of lands, the Sabetaung Waste Dump was not completed to design and now the village has a wall of soil perched against the village boundary. This poses a challenge during the Monsoon Seasons as rainfall quickly gathers at the base of the large embankments. Working together with MYTCL, the Dondaw Village inhabitants and CSD Team are constantly improving on the stability of the Waste Dump to ensure sustainability of the area for the future.

dondaw village at Myanmar Yang Tse Copper MineDrilling for water in Dondaw for CSR Project works is a success. U Myint Thein has been on the CSD since its inception in 2013. Previously the Village Administrator, he has a very positive outlook on the works of MYTCL and where he sees his village in the future.

“I think that the CSD Team is an amazing project that MYTCL has created. We (CSD Members) get to visit, talk, discuss and negotiate with other villages regarding their own social and developmental issues. It helps us take back new ideas and pieces to solve the puzzles that we face as leaders in our own villages.”

There are approximately 1,972 persons living in this village that is self-supporting and quite profitable with the cultivation and harvesting of the Betel Leaf all year round as a primary source of income. 92 persons are employed at Yang Tse, composing 4.67% of the village’s total population working within the mining organisation.

As one enters the mountain ranges of the S&K Project, the Tailings Spill crosses the roadways and traverses the landscape towards the river-ways. Today the villagers continue to mine the Tailings despite efforts from MYTCL to clean the previous ownership’s terrible mistake.


  • There is 1 Middle School; a tube well for water provided by MEHL and MYTCL; there is also a fence wall constructed for the school donated in the 2014 budget of MYTCL for Community and Social Development Projects. Road repairs and 2 repairs of 2 pagodas were also conducted in 2014 for CSD projects
  • The village manages 4 Monasteries named: Ywaroo, Zayarthirhi Mingalar, Vizawdaryone and Oakepalin.
  • The Head Monks of this village are respectably: U Nandawbatha, U Pyinnyawbartha, U Zawtika and U Guna.
  • The elected Village Administrator is U Hla Myo.


Corporate Social Responsibility

dondaw village csr project 2017The Dondaw Village is a healthy and prosperous area for agriculture and private flower shops. The Dondaw Village, together with the Kangon Village was offered the largest donation works regarding CSR since the MYTCL organisation took over the S&K Project. In 2014, a total of 83.26 acres of Tailings were removed from the village areas where artisanal miners had stockpiled waste and Tailings from the previous mine activities. Running at a final cost of $13,523.55 USD per acre to remove the Tailings and to cover the area with clayey topsoil to assist with encapsulating any existing ground contamination, exceeded the actual estimated land value of the region. Although records vary and the cost of land is rising, for reference it is estimated that a maximum purchase price of $2,000 USD/acre for best quality farmland can be achieved. With a completion total of $1,125,970.41 USD coming under the estimated budget of $1,950,000.00 USD due to the rejection of land-owners to allow the remaining Tailings to be removed, the Project came to an end in April of 2014. 280,434 cubic metres of Tailings had been removed and placed into the Tailings Storage Facilities on the S&K Project for future rehabilitation. These lands were then returned to the land-owners for habitable re-use.

Community & Social Development

In the 2015-16 CSR/CSD budgets there were a range of items completed for Dondaw, from road repairs to electrical installations. That year the budget ran at $25,540.74 USD.

In the 2016-17 budgets, Dondaw requested further electricity extensions as well as water pipeline extensions to their village inhabitants. This year’s budget increased to $39,500 USD in total after installations.

The Dondaw Village is an active village in the quest for sustainable development. It proactively works with MYTCL as a positive and supporting Stakeholder with the interests of both the Community and the Company in mind. Working with the Village Administrators over the years has always been a peaceful cooperation, and the development of this village remains unhindered through constructive communications with Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited Management.