ISO 14001:2015

14001 2015 copper mining myanmar burma2 The ISO 14000 family includes most notably the ISO 14001 standard, which represents the core set of standards used by MYTCL for designing and implementing an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).

ISO 14001 is voluntary, with its main aim to assist MYTCL in continually improving our environmental performance, whilst complying with any applicable legislation. Protecting the environment is a priority for all members of our society. Governments specifically have a key role in setting environmental standards and ensuring that individuals and organisations meet them. Increasingly in Myanmar, the governments, industry and community organisations are working as partners to protect our environment for present and future generations. Ultimately the training of our employees is the key to our success at MYTCL.

ISO 14001 is used by MYTCL to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and drive down costs. Using ISO 14001 also provides assurance to MYTCL management and employees, as well as external stakeholders, that environmental impact is being measured and improved.

This standard was successfully upgraded by MYTCL to the new version ISO 14001:2015 in July of 2017.