A Message from the Chairman of MYTCL

by Public Relations Management

Today our mining product is found in almost everything you touch. What we provide to the human race is of the utmost value in so many ways. But it is not only our product that benefits our society. The very operations that mining brings have always been a milestone of economies and the development of civilisation.

myanmar yang tse copper managing directorMr. Zhang Yupeng - Managing Director & Chairman At MYTCL we employ more than 2,000 local people who will spend their entire careers working and growing with us, prospering as time presses forward. And, as they improve their own livelihoods through our sustainable and responsible mining methods they also build thriving social wealth within their own community.

The foundations of our success rely on the success of the people who work for us, and I am so very honoured to witness the ongoing potential for economic abundance that our Company is providing to the people within Myanmar.

As Chairman of this organisation it is my imperative to target environmentally-friendly operations and rehabilitations, as it has become one of the most important prerequisites brought by today’s mining principles. Our corporate structure relies upon this insight, and I have set it as the focal point of our operations, to ensure respect to the environment as our social responsibility and our duty of common humanity.

The possibilities for exponential growth are within our grasp, and I will continue to provide open and transparent management systems throughout all of our operations. MYTCL will maintain a partnership revealing a good neighbour relationship with all of our stakeholders. This will fortify MYTCL as an asset, resulting in the sustainable economic achievement in the evolution of this brilliant country.

I look forward to another successful year for all of us, as we work in unity towards our promising destiny of accomplishments.

Mr. Zhang Yupeng

Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited