Banenwechaung & Kyeethakya Villages

Positioned on the North-East banks of the Yama Stream.

banenwenchaung kyeethakya mapThere are no CSD Members for these villages as they are not directly impacted and do not require direct villager representative support for donations and community development. CSR does play an important role however, and in the coming years, as with many of the other less impacted villages there will be more emphasis directed onto the community development and CSR programs of MYTCL as focus is placed on SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) Projects.

About the Village of Banenwechaung

banenwenchaung and kyeethakya village csrThe Mobile Medical Team makes a visit to Banenwechaung for the weekly care-taking by MYTCL. Reaching past the boundaries of the S&K Project and onto the opposite side of the Yama Stream by more than 2kms distance, the village of Banenwechaung relies heavily on agriculture, small cottage industry and local commerce. There are approximately 1,070 people that live within the village and find livelihoods in fishing or harvesting other aquatic fauna within their surroundings. 7 employees from this village working at MYTCL, or 0.65% of the village population.


  • The name of the Monastery is Thiri Bonpyan.
  • The Head Monk is Ashin Laba.
  • The elected Village Administrator is U Kyaw Soe.


About the Village of Kyeethakya

Similar to Banenwechaung, Kyeethakya is remotely associated from direct mining activities and related occupations are few within the village. There are approximately 1,377 inhabitants with only 16 persons employed at MYTCL, or 1.16% of the populace.


  • There is 1 Primary School and manages water and electrical resources on its own.
  • This village is quite separated from the mining community, however does request along with Banenwechaung that the MYTCL Mobile Medical Team be a part of their daily lives and visit whenever possible.
  • The name of the Monastery is: Hayma Wadi.
  • The Head Monk is: U Vimala.
  • The elected Village Administrator is Daw Kyi Lay.

banenwenchaung kyeethakya village myanmar copperGateways are elegantly displayed along the main roads to bring visitors into the hidden villages.


For the 2015-16 CSR and CSD Projects, this village has only the need for infrastructure assistance of roadworks and foundation repairs totalling $5,243.37. In the 2016-17 budgets drinking water purifiers and a well were requested to a sum of $9,200 USD for completion.

In 2016-17 Banenwechaung requested an ambulance to the sum of $8,250 USD.