Local Employment & Training

From the years of 2011 through until 2017 there was a minority of Expatriate consultants and management-level advisors on site.

Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited has preserved leadership and production value during a transitional period of moving from an organisation where only foreign Expatriates and a handful of specialised skilled Myanmar Nationals governed the management team of the S&K Project. From the years of 2011 through until 2020 there was a minority of Expatriate consultants and management-level advisors on site. At one point during the acquisition period there were a mere 3 Expats. This poignant statistic identifies the level of expertise acquired by the Myanmar Nationals during the previous leadership, and that their movement into commanding the company would be more than a success.

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Increase for All Wages & Salary Scales

In April of 2015 there occurred a momentous shift in the management perspective of employee support and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In order to improve on the previous historical dynamics of managing the MYTCL foreign investment in a developing country, it was decide by Beijing Head Office of Wanbao Mining Limited, the governance of MYTCL, that change was not only required to be led by a strong foreign investment partnership within Myanmar, but that MYTCL and MWMCL would need to take the risk of becoming the essential instigators in Myanmar to make a change.

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Local Procurement of Goods & Services

Procurement of Local Goods & Services by Myanmar Yang Tse Copper Limited

Within Myanmar, local procurements of goods required to operate and sustain the activities of MYTCL have been an ongoing challenge in many respects. The disadvantages of sanctions from many countries have impeded the purchase of goods not available within Myanmar. However, on the positive side of this action, this has led to a growth in the local industry in order to support the supply chain of goods for the mine.

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Employees Enrolled in Retirement Fund

Retirement and the Myanmar People

In Myanmar the term ‘Retirement’ manifests a much different vision of the future than it does in most developed countries. It would even be appropriate to state that it is a word that holds near to its definition some expressions of fear, anxiety, and even more-so, concern for the wellbeing of family stability for the people of Myanmar.

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